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Conference talks are neat. I like watching them. I like writting them. I like hosting them. I like how the Confreaks channel is always there. It’s just there and always full. Thank you, Confreaks! Keep being freaky. But, life is more than a day job and there are lots of other things to watch while surfing the web.

You can watch music and movie stuff


You got movies in my music!

You got music in my movies!

This channel is about what happens when music and movies love eachother. We’ve all heard the talk. They get married and often divorced. Most of them have trash lives and questionable character. But, sometimes they work out their differences and raise a well adjusted, meaningful soundtrack.

In case you’re kind of dense: this channel is all about soundtracks for movies and video games.

Bill Wurtz

Have you ever wondered if a piece of work qualifies as music or art or no something else? Do you want to wonder that right now?

No Small Parts

Only big parts here, because it’s calle No Small Parts so it’s just about big parts.

That’s actually not true. It is all about small roles. It’s super into them. It’s about people a bit too unconventional for lead roles, but are super talented and interesting craftspeople nonetheless.

You can watch stuff about games if you want

It’s all fun and games until it’s time for work, sleep, or routine chores. It’s mostly fun and games tho, isn’t it?


I started designing a tabletop game last year. Maybe I’ll write about it here sometime. And maybe I will not. I will, however, certainly watch every new episode of TableTop until the day I die. You can put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Matthew Colville

If you’re not into Dungeons and Dragons and also never want to be into Dungeons and Dragons, then don’t - DO NOT – don’t watch this series. It will probably make you want to play Dungeons and Dragons.


The 8-Bit Guy

Brian Will