Rocky Mountain Ruby

This year I was way too involved with Rocky Mountain Ruby, but it was worth it.

Early this summer Zach, Graham and Alissa asked me to design and build the new Rocky Mountain Ruby website. We didn’t have much time, but I’m happy with how it turned out. Zach caught me up to speed on the Rail’s Engines architecture we inherited from when Pivotal Labs did the site (what the fuck, Pivotal, really? Rail’s Engines? Really? For this?) and handled most of the related dev ops. It was nice to focus exclusively on the client for a change. After I did my part, the RMR team finished parts of the site we didn’t spec out early on (everything from the “Organizers” section and down).

Before I submitted a talk, Graham asked me to run a workshop on Rails 5’s Action Cable and realtime web stuff. Meanwhile, I submitted a talk that was eventually accepted by their talk-voting-committee. So yeah, I was in deep.

I plan to elaborate on some of the topics and ideas I explore in the talk, so stand by for more.