Advanced Talks on JavaScript

A handful of really great talks on JavaScript.

Version 7: The Evolution of JavaScript

I’ve been writing JS with ES6 (via Traceur before and Babble now) for a while now and really like where JavaScript is going. ES7 has some really great stuff to look forward to. If anyone is wondering, no, I’m not going to start calling it ES 2015 and ES 2016…

How Browsers Work

The browser is the most deployed application runtime in the world. I realize something new every time I watch this talk by Tali Garsiel. There is also a corresponding online manual by Tali and Paul Irish called How Browsers Work.

10 Things I Learned from the jQuery Source

Speaking of Paul Irish, who remembers yayQuery? This video reminds me how important it is to read the source code of the libraries we choose.

Learning to Love JavaScript

Arguably not an advanced talk, but it does a great job of articulating core JavaScript concepts, including closures and prototypal inheritance.

JavaScript and the Browser: Under the Hood

Like Tali Garsiel’s talk above, this one provides valuable insights about JavaScript’s runtime. Things like the event loop and memory allocation are described well in this.

Async JavaScript with Reactive Extensions

Jafar Husain’s talk blew my mind when I first saw it last year. Jafar Husain also blew my mind in EggHead’s Asynchronous Programming: The End of The Loop series. Admittedly, I didn’t realize I was following along with Jafur until we started playing with Reactive Extensions in the Observable lessons.