Must Use Meteor Packages

My favorite Meteor.js packages.

Atmosphere is the catalog for Meteor packages, resources and tools. There you can search for community packages or explore the top ranks. At the time of writing, Atmosphere hosts 3,385 community packages.

A recent survey illustrates the most popular Meteor packages. While some of the most popular are a part of my regular workflow, there are a few others that didn’t make the list.

Scss (fourseven:scss)

Sass is my CSS preprocessor of choice. It has a wonderful variety of people and packages that makes working with Sass a joy. The fourseve:scss Meteor package makes working with Sass – with LibSass via node-sass – in Meteor a breeze.

This package also privides a simple way to include autoprefixer and other Sass packages like Bourbon & Susy.

Susy (meta:susy)

Disclaimer: I work on this one.

Susy provides Sass power tools to create flexible, responsive grid systems for any website. If you’re intrested in learning more about how to use Susy, check out the book Learn Susy by Zell Weekeat.

Autoform (aldeed:autoform)

Autoform makes it unbelievably simple to create CRUD interfaces in Meteor.

Iron Router (iron:router)

Iron router is the standard routing package for Meteor. I suspect it will be rolled into Meteor core before too long.